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Training Team Overview












The training team program is designed for girlwho have the ability to train specifically for the competitive team program at a young age.

  • This program has a strong emphasis on the basics of gymnastics and conditioning which allows for young gymnasts to make an easy transition to our competitive teams.

  • Training Team is a preparatory and accelerated training option for athletes ages 5 and up, with the purpose of preparing our younger gymnasts for competitive team opportunities.

  • This training team program offers a very smooth transition into our competitive  gymnastics team programs once the athlete has mastered all the necessary skills.

  • Training team class placement is primarily based on physical skill level, however, we take into account each athletes mental and social preparedness.

  • The athletes will go through vigorous training and is expected to be able to get through it efficiently.


We want our athletes to be mentally strong and confident, not only for gymnastics, but to excel in all areas of life.

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