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Women's Development Program


The Women’s Development Program (WDP) was created with the belief that all athletes, regardless of their potential, must have a solid foundation of basic skills to advance safely. The program allows the gymnast to advance at her own pace,competing in more than one level in a year, if she so chooses.

The WDP is divided into three major segments; developmental, compulsory, and optionals.

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Xcel Program Overview


The USA Gymnastics Xcel program was developed as an alternative competitive program offering individual flexibility to coaches and gymnasts. The goal of Xcel is to provide gymnasts of varying abilities and commitment levels the opportunity for a rewarding gymnastics experience. The program allows a wide choice in skills to meet requirements so selection may be based on an individual athlete's strengths.

The focus of the Xcel program is sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, and fun. The emphasis in the Xcel program is on correct technique, form, and performance.

Xcel has levels Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond, with difficulty progressing in each level. All levels of Xcel are considered Optionals, allowing gymnasts to perform routines that meet specific requirements instead of requiring specific skills at each level. 

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WDP/Xcel Comparison


The biggest difference between WDP and Xcel is that where WDP has very strict requirements, Xcel's are more relaxed and allow the gymnast more of a range of skills, as well as more room to train and progress at their own pace.

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