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Our Gym

Established in 1985

This facility is a Butler building containing an open area of 8,000 square feet with a tile floor,

40'x40' carpeted spring floor, concession stand, viewing area, offices, and restrooms.

As of June 2022, our gym has all new state of the art equipment along with new flooring, new mats and new lighting. 


Girls Equipment


2 Minis Tramps

1 Climbing rope

2 Horizontal bars (AAI & Gym nova)

1 Horizontal Bar (over the pit)

2  Competition Floor (42x42)

1 Tumble track

2 Foam pits

2 Vaulting tables

Spring boards

Low and high beams and benches


1 Elite  Rings Tower

1 Rings Tower (over pit)

1 Elite Parallel bars (AAI)

1 Parallel bars and parallettes

5 Asymmetric bars and single rail (AAI)

2  Competition Floor (42x42)

Landing blocks and skills cushion mats

Training aids and foam block

1  Elite Pommel horse Flat top (AAI)

2 pommel (AAI and Gym Nova)

3 Mushrooms and bucket


Boys Equipment

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