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Denise Kluse

  • Chair at Board & Member meetings. 

  • Supervise the affairs of the Club and the activities of the Directors.

  • Appoint all committee Chairpersons not otherwise provided for

  • Ensure Directors and Committees perform their respective duties.

  • Execute such contracts in accordance with the Bylaws

  • Authorize and sign checks in accordance with the Bylaws.

  • Coordinate Holiday Party and End-of-Year Party with Vice President.

  • Share 50% of at-home meet requirements with the Vice President.

Vice President: 
Jill Briggs

  • In the absence of the President, act as the President

  • Share 50% of at-home meet requirements with the President.

  • Coordinate Holiday Party and End-of-Year Party with President.

  • Perform New Parent Orientations

Vanthan Abernathy

  • Certify and maintain electronically a current copy of the Bylaws & other documents.

  • Make available, Bylaws, Membership book, and minutes to all meetings.

  • Ensure notices and agendas for meetings are posted as outlined by the bylaws.

  • Record minutes of all meetings.

  • May maintain a copy of records and corporate charter of the Club.

  • Conduct the Club’s general correspondence.

Tisha Johnson

  • Responsible for all funds of the Club and deposit funds in the name of the Club 

  • Chair the financial committee.

  • May receive and give receipt for moneys due and payable to the Club

  • May disburse the funds of the Club directed by the Board and prescribed by the Bylaws

  • May sign checks in accordance with the Bylaws

  • May keep and maintain correct accounts of the Club’s business transactions.

  • Attend all home meets to provide all necessary monetary transactions for the club 

  • Report totals from admission, concessions, and pro-shop sales after meets.

Program Director: 
Fernando Pizarro

  • Assist the safety certified coach in the maintenance of equipment and facilities 

  • Supervise the volunteers to set-up and tear down the equipment for all home meets.

  • Assign person to update and maintain website.

  • Make available financial information, at reasonable times, to the Board or the public.

  • Produce monthly, a report showing the current financial status of the Gym. 

  • Produce monthly, a report showing the financial standing of all club members.

  • Render to Club Members an individual member account statement monthly

  • Render to the Club, on a quarterly basis, a financial statement.

  • Ensure financial statements are prepared and certified for required committee report.

Team Rep.

  • Email team families all pertinent information regarding Club, meets and schedules.

  • Responsible for organizing and implementing the semiannual Club workdays.

  • Attend monthly Board meetings.

  • Represent the thoughts and concerns of those they represent.

  • Ensure updated meet information is posted on the website.

  • May be asked to substitute for another Board member at home meets.

  • Collect for coaches’ gifts.

Fundraising Chair: 
Karris Moses

  • Execute all fundraising activities.

  • Coordinate a minimum of 2 fundraisers per year, with prior approval from The Board.

  • Coordinate the receipt of funds.

  • Report the success of fundraiser to The Board and The Club members.

  • Coordinate the distribution of all fundraising products. 

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