542 Fairground Street, SE

Marietta, Georgia 30060



Tel: 770-528-8477

Fax: 770-528-8479

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Supervised by Program Director Christophe Voisin, The Cobb Challengers are the competitive branch of the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Department. Effective August 1st 1985, the Cobb Gymnastics Center Parents Club assumed responsibility for the competitive programs in cooperation with Cobb County Parks and Recreation, which handles the instructional level. Team competition is offered at Cobb Gymnastics Center at all competitive levels from beginners to advanced levels. 


The Cobb Challengers Gymnastics team is made up of both boys and girls who compete in USA Gymnastics** sanctioned meets. For more information, contact Christophe Voisin at 770-528-8477.


For more information on Cobb County Instructional classes, contact Dianna Nulty at 770-528-8475.


  • 2 Minis Tramps

  • 1 Elite  Rings Tower

  • 1 Rings Tower (over pit)

  • 1 Climbing rope

  • 2 Horizontal bar (AAI & Gym nova)

  • 1 Horizontal Bar (over the pit)

  • 1 Tumble track

  • 2 Foam pits

  •  2 Vaulting table

  • Spring boards

  • Low and high beams and benches

  • 1 Elite Parallel bars (AAI)

  •  1 Parallel bars and parallettes

  • 5 Asymmetric bars and single rail (AAI)

  • 2  Competition Floor (42x42)

  • Landing blocks and skills cushon mats

  • Training aids and foam block

  •  1  Elite Pommel horse Flat top (AAI)

  • 2 pommel (AAI and Gym Nova)

  • 3 Mushrooms and bucket