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About Us

We are Cobb Challengers.

The Cobb Challengers program is a year-round gymnastics training program.  The Cobb Gymnastics Center Parents Club is a nonprofit corporation formed to run the gymnastics program known as Cobb Challengers and support gymnasts financially, physically, and emotionally. 


The club is run by the Board of Directors, which is made up of officers and board members elected by parents.   

The Cobb Challengers is the competitive branch of the Cobb County Parks and Recreation Department. Effective August 1, 1985, the Cobb Gymnastics Center Parents Club assumed responsibility for the competitive programs in cooperation with Cobb County Parks and Recreation, which handles the instructional level. Team competition is offered at Cobb Gymnastics Center at all competitive levels from beginners to advanced levels.


The Cobb Challengers Gymnastics team is made up of both boys and girls who compete in USA Gymnastics** sanctioned meets.

Cobb Challengers Competitive Team
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